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    SavvyPet™ Air Purifier

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    Eliminate Toxic Pet Odor Immediately

    Lingering dog-related odors, particularly ammonia, can cause illness and discomfort to humans if the air is left untreated throughout the home.

    The SavvyPet™ Air Purifier is the perfect solution to improving your home’s air quality by eliminating harmful pet allergens and unpleasant odors to keep everyone in your home safe.

    Easier Breathing, Healthier Living

    The SavvyPet™ Air Purifier safely targets and removes airborne contaminants caused by pet dander, allowing you to breathe clean fresh air all the time.

    Say goodbye to sneezing, congestion, and allergy symptoms – and say hello to healthy living!

    Maximum Air Filtration

    Our premium air filter features a three-layer carbon and cotton design for maximum air filtration, providing purified air after just minutes of use.

    Easy To Control

    To begin, all you need to do is press the top button to turn on the device. It’s that easy!

    You can also cycle through 7 LED colors and put the purifier in Sleep Mode at night.

     30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you aren't satisfied with SavvyPet™ Air Purifier for any reason, you have up to 30 days after receiving your product to receive a refund or replacement.

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    SavvyPet™ Air Purifier

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 122 reviews
    Deborah Stiles

    Its been used nonstop DAILY since I bought it. we have a new furry family member that loves my space. Shes welcome but the extra dander is not! I feel safe knowing im breathing clean air, along with my family and dog!

    Erik Baker

    I have a Saint Bernard that sleeps with me so vacuuming and cleaning is a must frequently. But I just could Not get rid of a faint musty smell. In addition I was waking up often with a sinus headache. After just 24 hours the smell was gone and felt fresh. Headaches gone as well. 5/5

    Kevin Kern

    This little air purifier is a beast and It has completely cleaned the air in my entire apartment in a day... The air is soooo noticeably different that its like night and day difference! All allergens have been filtered out, pet odors are gone too. You cant even tell that I own a dog and a Guinea Pig. Im breathing so much better and sleeping better too. Im a neat freak and keep my place really clean, but this air purifier is still able to remove stuff from the air that no one can see. I set it up for a few hours in each room of my place, and I let it run 24/7. Its made an amazing difference!

    Bella Mistretta

    I am extremely pleased with this air purifier! I have 3 cats and I placed it in the bathroom with the litter box. It helps with the odor plus I cant believe how much cat litter dust it has removed from the air!! If you purchase one, you will not be disappointed!!

    Erica D. Greenberg

    I have cats and dogs and am allergic to both (as well as dust mites). With this air purifier running 6-8 hours before bedtime I noticed a big improvement in my sleep. No more stuffy nose or drainage. It is quiet, easy to operate and works well in my large bedroom. No complaints at all thank you so much