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    Orthopedic Anti-Vomit Cat Bowl

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    Prevent Vomiting & Neck Strain

    See your cat's overall health improve by just changing the way they eat!

    Regular cat bowls are too low, which causes indigestion, stomach discomfort and neck pain.

    Our Orthopedic Anti-Vomit Cat Bowl is elevated and tilted at a 15° angle, allowing your cat to easily reach and swallow their food in a more natural position.

    A natural eating position promotes healthier swallowing and digestive habits, which reduces stomach pain and vomiting - while also decreasing the strain on their neck.

    The Benefits

    Reduces stomach pain and vomiting.

    Decreases painful neck strain.

    Raised & Tilted for a natural eating position.

    Non-Slip to prevent bowl from moving.

    Pet Safe non-toxic and BPA free materials.

    Orthopedic Anti-Vomit Cat Bowl

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Alice Beier

    What great bowls for my cat! She always used to cough up food but these really do help her eat more properly and prevent the vomiting. Highly recommend this

    Steven Stokes

    Excellent bowls that seem to really help my cat's posture while he is eating by keeping her more aligned and straight. Great Purchase

    Isaac B

    I love how these bowls are elevated so my kitty does not have to bend down so much to eat and drink. I think this feels a lot better on his neck and spine :)

    Matt Orn

    I bought the double bowl so my cat can enjoy both food and water at a more proper height and I have not seen my cat vomit since!!

    Claudia Bauch

    The non slip pads on the bottom help prevent my baby from pushing around the bowl... saving me from cleaning up a mess