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    SavvyPet™ Cat Donut Bed

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    Your Cat Will Love This Bed!

    Reduces anxiety giving your cat a place to hide, sleep and play.

    Comfortable and warm for multiple cats of all sizes.

    3-in-1 design combines a playhouse, tunnel, and bed all-in-one.

    Scratch-resistant and durable to last for many years.

    A Perfect Place To Hide, Sleep & Play

    Cats naturally have an instinctual need to seek shelter, run and play. Traditional cat beds are unappealing and remain unused because they don’t support a cat’s true nature. Not having a proper bed can lead to anxiety and destructive behavior from your cat.

    To solve this problem, we created the SavvyPet™ Cat Donut Bed which provides your loved one with an all-in-one place for hiding, sleeping and playing! Have peace of mind knowing your cat has their very own place where they will always feel comfortable and secure.

    The All-In-One Hideaway

    Our 3-in-1 design gives your furry friend many options throughout the day. Cats who love to perch can rest on the donut-hole on top of the bed. When your cat is scared or tired they can cuddle up and hide in the tunnel to feel safe. You can even unzip the bed to allow your cat to keep an eye on you!

    Indestructible & Comfortable Design

    Never worry about your cat destroying their bed again! The SavvyPet™ Cat Donut Bed is 100% scratch proof, allowing your cat to knead and claw with no problems at all. 

    On top of that, the bed is insulated and soft to give your kitty a warm and cozy place to improve their sleep!

    SavvyPet™ Cat Donut Bed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Magnolia Parker

    Both our cats can be fussy when it comes to beds but boy o boy do they love to find anything resembling the cat dimension and this had them hooked immediately! If I can't find them, they're usually chilling out in here.

    One of our girls also loves to sit in the middle on top with her arm on the raised side and we call it her bar tending mode, she looks like she's ready to listen to all your troubles and it's completely adorable.

    Janice K

    This is my cats fav bed! I sprayed some catnip in it and she sleeps in it now. Round and round and round when she’s playing in the tunnel. This is a must have for all cat lovers out there!!

    Steven Hickle

    My cat suffers from anxiety and this donut bed is the perfect solution for her to stay safe and have a cozy little place to sleep. She loves bringing her toys inside and playing and will also sleep on the top when I am around

    Kristy Breitenberg

    Its a really cool bed. I like how my cat can play and rest on the top, inside the tunnel, or even out in the open when I unopen it. Best cat bed I have ever bought

    Lauren Hartman

    Just what I wanted when I ordered.
    The tunnel/bed/doughnut seems to be well made - supports the weight of my 4kg cat, and he can fit inside (ordered the smaller size), my smaller cat went straight inside and has claimed it for her own! The best part is she can scratch the donut and cause no damage, which definitely saves me money! I do recommend the large size for larger cats however.