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    The Honey Pot - Cat Bed

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    ⦿ One Size Fits All Cats

    A Safe Place To Ease Anxiety!

    Cats are naturally anxious and often seek a place of safety where they don’t feel threatened. With The Honey Pot, your furry friend will have a comforting hideaway that offers them a true sense of peace and security that they crave!

    Better Sleep For A Healthier Cat!

    Quality of sleep is absolutely essential for a healthy cat. Crafted with premium soft cloth and fluffy plush material, our bed imitates the loving comfort of a mother cat to provide your kitty with the restful deep sleep that they deserve!

    For Cats Of All Sizes!

    The Honey Pot is perfect for cats and kittens of all sizes. Chunky, fluffy, tall & thin? No matter their size, all cats will be able to enjoy their new cozy home!

    The Honey Pot - Cat Bed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Adele Breitenberg

    My cat loves climbing into her Honey Pot! She is quite the scaredy cat and this is the perfect place for her to run and hide in whenever she is scared!!

    Stephon Pfeffer

    Wonderful cat bed that fits my chubby cat perfectly. I love that she can sleep on such a soft bed instead of on our hard floor.

    Lawson Runte

    Thank you very much. It looks exactly as I imagined it. I would even say better than I thought. My kitten loves her new bed and also went to sleep in it so quickly <3

    Emily K

    My cat suffers from anxiety and this bed is really great for her because its very soft and warm to calm her down. It also looks super cute and unique in our living room. Just look at our little girl sleep!

    Janice Schimmel

    Great quality and arrived to us fast. It is very plush and actually fits both of our cats in it together at the same time. They love cuddling together inside the honey pot which is just so precious.