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    Snuggly-Safe Puppy Car Seat

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    *For dogs up to 6kg / 13lbs*

    Why Snuggly-Safe?

    Safety & security for all puppies & cats
    Comfortable & calming to ease anxiety
    High quality cloth & linen material
    Securely straps to center console
    Built-in leash to prevent escape

    A Safe Way To Ride Up Front!

    We all love to ride with our dogs in the front seat, but riding unrestrained in the passenger seat or in the driver’s arms is dangerous.

    Our car seat solves this problem by giving your pup a safe spot to sit - right next to you on the center console!

    100% Secure Guaranteed

    Our puppy seat has two adjustable straps on the bottom that securely attaches to the center console, ensuring the seat remains still while driving.  

    A built-in safety leash is included to keep your furry friend inside the seat at all times, while also giving them enough room to stretch and breathe comfortably. 

    How It Works

    Calming & Comfy!

    Made from high quality linen and cotton that is finely woven, our dog seat provides a soft, comfortable and calming experience that helps your dog reduce anxiety. 

    Have peace of mind knowing your fur baby is sleeping on a cloud!


    Material: Premium Cotton, Linen

    Dimensions: 45cm x 25cm x 22cm

    Weight Capacity: 6kg / 13lbs

    Snuggly-Safe Puppy Car Seat

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Devin Grant

    Fast shipping and is exactly what I was looking for. The seat is secure and our Yorkie puppy is always safely nestled inside! For those who want to keep an eye out for their puppy or simply want them close by during travels, this is for you!

    Cheryl Hall

    I got the gray color and I am very pleased with the high quality design and material. My Mindy loves hopping in this seat during every ride whether it is to sleep or look out the window (or at me!) I definitely recommend this to all small dog owners

    Vicky Turner

    This is a perfect solution for anyone who has an anxious dog or is anxious themselves! I love knowing that my girl is right next to me and not wandering the car while I drive. I always feared my dog would get hurt during abrupt stops, and luckily this car seat prevents that from happening!!

    Margaret V

    The seat straps nice and tight around our center armrest and does not move at all during the rides. Great for our little Chihuahua who seems to absolutely love it. We especially love the safety leash that is attached so our girl stays in her seat the entire time.

    Sandy Iannucci

    My miniature dachshund loves this seat. Its nice, fluffy, and comfortable for her during our long road trips. I always have peace of mind knowing my dog is right by my side the entire ride.