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    Duck Buddy - Dog Companion

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    Eye-Catching Color That Your Dog Can See

    The Duck Buddy will instantly grab your dog’s attention with its bright yellow design (1 of 2 colors that dogs can see), immediately making this your dog’s go-to playmate!

    Pup’s of all sizes and ages will love chewing, running, and snuggling with their new best friend all day long!

    Naturally Attracts Your Dog With Realistic Sound

    The realistic quacking sounds bring out your dog’s natural hunting instincts, keeping them engaged and distracted to help reduce boredom and behavioral issues.

    Cozy & Calming For Anxious Pups

    Made from soft, yet durable plush material, the Duck Buddy is the ultimate snuggle companion for fur babies that suffer from separation anxiety.

     30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you aren't satisfied with Duck Buddy - Dog Companion for any reason, you have up to 30 days after receiving your product to receive a refund or replacement.

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    Duck Buddy - Dog Companion

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 66 reviews
    Emily Fell

    My dog just found her new best buddy!! She has severe separation anxiety and this duck really helps her feel safe and comfortable - especially when im not home! She loves chin resting, cuddling, and sleeping with it at night. Its so precious!

    Marissa Vonderhaar

    I have read that dogs can see yellow so I just had to give this bright yellow duck a try and wow am I surprised! Literally as soon as I pulled it out of the box my puppy instantly ran over, grabbed him, and ran off! In my massive pile of toys he always goes for this one! 5/5

    Christopher Peloton

    it's official it's a soft toy that managed to survive my dog for more than 10 minutes. She's been walking around with it hanging out of her mouth for a couple hours and for some reason hasn't sat down and tried to shred it. So far it has my vote as the longest lasting softer toy given to my dog.

    Jack Goings

    Our 5 year old husky is so obsessed with making the duck quack that he won't stop playing once he starts. Definitely a great toy to give your dog when no one is around to entertain them. Beware... you may hear your dog chewing for hours lol

    Clarisa Vonderhaar

    My dog gets super lonely easily and is also obsessed with playing, and well this toy is perfect for her!!! Its so cute watching her go from flinging it around to lying with it on the couch! The best part is that it keeps her destructive behavior down