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    The Funky Fish - Dog Toy

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     Keep Your Dog Entertained All Day Long!

    Does your dog constantly crave attention, but you can't always be there to play with them? The Funky Fish is here to be their new playmate, giving your loved one the physical & mental stimulation they desire all throughout the day!

    Fast Flopping Action!

    The Funky Fish will continuously flop around with unpredictable motion to provide your pup with a highly engaging, exciting, and ever-changing playing experience!

    Pet Safe & Pet Approved!

    The Funky Fish is built with highly resistant non-toxic material that is 100% safe for your fur baby. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can chase, tackle and chew on their fishy pal without worry! 

    Long-Lasting USB Rechargeable Battery!

    Our built-in battery lasts for hours of continuous use and is touch activated to automatically turn on when being played with and turn off when your dog is done!

    You will receive a complimentary USB charging cable so you can recharge with ease!

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you aren't satisfied with The Funky Fish for any reason, you have up to 30 days after receiving your product to receive a refund or replacement.

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    The Funky Fish - Dog Toy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 81 reviews
    Alex Porter

    My Australian Sheppard loves his funky fish! He has other toys but can't seem to get enough of this! And let me tell you, with his puppy teeth (sharp!!) And constant need to chew anything and's durable. I was worried it would fall apart the first time he got ahold of it, but it has still been going strong for months!

    Falicia Heaney

    This toy is perfect to distract my dogs when I am at work all day... they love how it flops around and it seriously keeps them busy for quite some time. Thanks

    Robert Clarke

    Great fun for my pup! He carries it in his mouth all the time and then will wrestle it when the fish tail stairs flailing everywhere. Very fun!

    Macy Morales

    At first he didn't like it then he fell in love with it .. I have to sneak it away to charge it.. he usually tears up everything.. this is very durable.

    Carolina R

    My fur baby suffers pretty badly from anxiety and this toy is honestly a GAME CHANGER! I turn it on and she will chew and bat at it for hours, it makes her so happy!!! The best part is the fish turns on automatically when she touches it so she can play whenever she likes :)