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    Begone - Pet Hair Cleaner

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    Clean Up Pet Hair With Ease!

    Does your pet shed everywhere? Tired of ineffective lint rollers & vacuums? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

    The reusable Begone - Pet Hair Cleaner will effortlessly remove fur & lint from any surface, keeping your furniture and clothes hair free!

    Designed To Work On Any Fabric

    This is the ultimate tool to remove pet hair from any non-knitted fabric. Carpets, couches, beds, car seats, clothes - you name it!

    How Does It Work?

    Simply drag the Begone - Pet Hair Cleaner across the fabric, while applying a little pressure, and watch as the hair gathers up into a nice pile. 

    Begone - Pet Hair Cleaner

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Daniel Michael

    I bought this to clean fur off of my steps and cat trees, and it's perfect for that! It works fast and I can bring it everywhere which is great

    Macy Samaha

    Seriously, this thing is amazing! The pictured amount is from a corner of our rug. We have a corgi-mix and he sheds everywhere. Our vacuum doesn’t quite get all the hair but this worked like a charm!

    Elissa Moore

    I use this on my sofa and chair. I put velvet covers over them. This tool picks up the cat fur easily without snagging the velvet. I am glad I made the purchase.

    Kristin Ester

    I've tried many, many pet hair removal tools over the years of owning dogs and cats. This tool is definitely one of the best. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Love it to clean couches. My fav spot to use is on carpet on the stairs.

    Bridgette K

    Works fantastic. Truly gets all the embedded dog hair. It works really fast and I use it for my furniture and car. No complaints and I highly recommend.