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    Distracto-Ball: Spinning Cat Toy

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    Why Distracto-Ball?

    Physical exercise throughout the day
    Mental stimulation with focused activity
    Trims claws naturally and safely
    Protects furniture from being scratched
    High-quality sisal and wood material

    Entertainment & Exercise At Anytime!

    Did you know that many cats suffer mentally & physically due to the lack of stimulation & exercise throughout the day? The Distracto-Ball's spinning effect provides a non-stop healthy activity that keeps your cat focused & moving constantly.

    Natural Claw Trimming

    Your cats claws will naturally trim as they continue to scratch the ball. Our ball is made from high-quality sisal that is safe for all cats and built for many years of use.

     Protect Your Furniture

    Stop worrying about your cat clawing your furniture. The Distracto-Ball will keep their attention away from tearing up your home!

    Easy To Set Up

    You can easily set up your Distracto-Ball in under 5 minutes. Simply assemble the wood panels, support rods, ball, and tighten the bolts as shown below. 


    Ball Material: Sisal

    Frame Material: Wood

    Dimensions: 21cm x 26cm x 24cm (LxWxH) 

    Distracto-Ball: Spinning Cat Toy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Katherine Langworth

    Very fun for my little kitties and it keeps them from scratching all over my living room furniture, thank god!

    Alaina Willms

    This is a fantastic toy for my cats! I am gone at work all day and I always worry about them when they are home alone. They love to play and spin the ball and it keeps them busy for so long when I am not around!!

    Hellen Stokes

    Great size for my full grown fur baby. It keeps her active and distracted a lot. The ball holds up really well from my cats sharp claws and also seems to help trim them down a bit

    Ernie Ronda

    Shipping was fast and it was very easy to assemble. My cat was curious at first but quickly got used to it and it is now one of her favorite toys. Best part is that I don't have to be around for her to have fun.

    Amy B

    Both of my cats are interested and sometimes they wrestle because they want to play with the ball at the same time! What an awesome idea