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    Easy-Hang Cat Hammock

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    Why Easy-Hang?

    Easy Setup - Just hang it up. No drilling required. 

    Hang Anywhere - Windows, desks, beds & more.

    Comfortable - Gives cats a natural resting spot.

    For All Cats - Holds up to 40lbs of weight.

    The Purrfect Place To Perch!

    Cats naturally look for a place to rest, but often times they find a spot that is uncomfortable and unsafe due to its location.

    The Easy-Hang Cat Hammock will provide your loved one with a safe, sturdy, and comfortable perching place anywhere throughout your home!

    Set Up In Seconds - Damage Free

    Our versatile design allows you to place your hammock anywhere you see fit in just seconds. No drilling holes or damage to your surfaces. Simply latch the hooks on any small gap and you are all done! 

    Whether it's on a window, desk, cabinet, or bed - your cat will always have a place to stay!

    Comfy, Sturdy & Safe

    No longer will your furry friend have to lay down on hard to reach, dangerous, and uncomfortable surfaces. 

    Our hammock holds up to 40lbs, giving you peace of mind knowing your cat will be able to perch safely. Not only is it extremely safe, but it is also as soft as a cloud to give your cat the perfect place to rest, sleep and play. 


    Easy-Hang Cat Hammock

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Nick Lario

    My cat loves this hammock. I live in a apt and can’t drill into the windowsill so was looking for a cat post that can be easily removed. I can move it around to different windows if I want, and it is also great for travel when I have to bring my cat.

    Harry Klaus

    Great design, and my cat really enjoys it. Super easy to set up, basically you just hang it anywhere that has a slit opening. Works just like I saw online

    Margaret Walshy

    My cat likes to sleep on a perch but she always looked uncomfortable - so i bought this! The assembly was really easy, the wood is sturdy, and also there are pads to prevent wall damage. As soon as I set it up my cat immediately jumped inside!! It is really cute and is my cats new favorite spot!

    Alexandra Duran

    I set this on my window, which is right next to my desk, and instead of having my very clingy cats prevent me from getting work done, I have them right next to me! They love to curl up in the hammock and stare at the window. Perfect!

    Devon T

    The moment I set the thing up, before I put it in the window, my ginger girl Beatrix was rolling around on it like she had lost her mind. We swear they soaked the fabric in catnip but either way it works great and the cats love it. 5/5