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    Fluffy Plush Cave Cat Bed

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    A Place Of Security & Comfort

    Cats naturally seek a safe place to hide for peace and comfort. With the Fluffy Plush Cave Cat Bed you can give your fur baby a relaxing hideaway where they can snuggle up to feel secure throughout the day.

    Anxiety Free & Healthy Sleep

    Finely crafted with premium 100% cotton, our cat bed provides your loved one with a soft and calming place to ease anxiety. Quality of sleep is important for a healthy kitty and our cat bed ensures your baby will be getting the rest they deserve.

    Perfect Size For All Cats

    No matter the size, our bed universally fits cats of all body types and sizes. 2 month old kitty, 5 year old tabby? No problem at all!


    Bed Material: 100% Cotton

    Dimensions: 40cm x 37cm 

    Size: Universal

    Color: White, Green, Blue

    Fluffy Plush Cave Cat Bed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Bill Farrow

    Very comfortable and soft for our feline. Good idea that you can remove the bed from the inside too.

    asdf asdf

    Got this as a gift for my wife and our cat of course! They both love it. Our cat ran into the bed as soon as we set it down for her.