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    Fuzzy-Scrub Pet Washer

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    Bath Time Has Never Been Easier!

    Do you struggle washing your furry friend? Are you constantly fumbling with water, soap, brushes and more?

    Fuzzy-Scrub conveniently combines a grooming brush, water and soap dispenser all in one easy to use tool!

    You can dispense soap & water with just the push of a button, allowing you to scrub and lather with ease.

    How It Works

    Simply pour shampoo and water in the storage compartment, close the valve, and shake to create soapy bubbly water. 

    Deep Cleaning Power

    Fuzzy-Scrub™ cleans deep in your pet's fur, allowing you to easily remove dirt, loose hair, dead skin and more. This is the perfect solution for both long and short haired pets. Bath time has never been easier!

     Safe, Comforting & Soothing

    The soft silicone bristles are 100% safe for your pet's hair and skin. The bristles provide a comforting and relaxing sensation which keeps them calm throughout the wash. Finally, your pet will look forward to bathing!

    Why Fuzzy-Scrub?

    All-In-One soap, water, dispenser & brush!

    Convenient one-handed washing experience

    Deep cleaning to remove dirt, loose hair & more

    Comforting for your pet's hair & skin

    Fuzzy-Scrub Pet Washer

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Shanna Carter

    This works great and is super convenient. I use this for both my dog and my cat and they both remain calm throughout our bath!

    Porter Gerhold

    totally worth it! i love being able to release soap and water with just the push of a button. the storage compartment holds a lot too!!

    Alan T

    Works great and cleans out dirt, dead hair, and more deep within my pups hair :)

    Jeffrey Gutkowski

    nice sturdy material and functions as expected. no complaints and my dogs seem to enjoy it

    Fran Roth

    The size is perfect and it fits in my hand comfortably. The bristles are nice and soft for my kitty.