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    The Speedy Snake - Cat Toy

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    Keep Your Cat Distracted All Day Long!

    Cats constantly crave attention, and we know how hard it is to always be there for them. The Speedy Snake is here to be their new buddy, giving your loved one exercise and preventing boredom all day long!

    Fast Slithering Action

    The Speedy Snake will slither across your floor at lightning speed while continuously changing direction and avoiding obstacles, giving your kitty an unpredictable hunting experience every time!

    Pet Safe & Pet Approved

    The Speedy Snake is built with strong, protective material that is 100% safe for even the roughest players. Cats of all shapes and sizes can chase, bite, claw, and tackle without worry! 

    Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

    Our built-in battery lasts for hours of continuous use and is easily rechargeable with our included USB charging cable!

    The Speedy Snake - Cat Toy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Jenn Howell

    My cat loves this toy and chases it around the house almost every single day. It wiggles, senses obstructions and backs up when it needs to. One of her favorite toys!!

    Henry Klaus

    All three of my cats (age 2, 6 and 9) really seem to enjoy the snake toy. The battery charge lasted longer than I expected and it doesn't take long to recharge.

    Colleen Sago

    It's pretty adorable but my cats ain't letting an intruder in! LOL. They love jumping and tackling the snake which is absolutely hilarious to watch!

    Zackary Ratke

    Shipping was fast and the snake works just like I saw in the videos. Its really fast and changes directions all the time to keep my cat constantly interested. It also is very durable and my aggressive cats have not damaged it at all when playing.

    Sidney R

    The snake is well made, charges easily, and looks cool with light up eyes!! The snake moves well, and turns when it strikes any object so my cats can play all by themselves without worrying about the snake getting stuck! Great for people with active cats who are constantly in need of playtime!!